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More than 150 easy-to-read diagrams illustrate the practices along with clear explanations of the important coaching points.  This combination will enable you to use the practices with your team in a clear and effective way.


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The World's media A Year in the Championship, a training session book written by Stephen Constantine

A Year in the Championship gives the reader a unique opportunity to review a seasons worth of training sessions by an English Professional Team.  The sessions are organized into chapters by topic such as: Passing, Finishing, Team Play, Midfield Play, Wide Play, Defending and Fitness.  This allows you to use this book as a reference for planning day-to-day training sessions for your team in addition to giving you a taste of live in an English professional team.

A training session book written by Stephen Constantine

Brits Coaches abroad article on It is harder than ever to find a job in football... interview with Stephen Constantine on Mail Online August 2103 Interview: Stephen Constantine - Time for a top job. LES ROSBIFS. Following British Footballers and Coaches in Foreign Fields

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Football's No. 1 globetrotter English Coach Stephen Constantine article in the Mail Online, sports website of the year AMAVUBIERA NEW ERA article in The New Times, Rwanda's Leading English Daily. 18 November 2014

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In today’s world the media plays a huge part in football and as coaches and managers we must be able to get our message across through the media in various guises; be it, TV, Radio, Print and of course Websites. In my time I have had the opportunity to have worked with all of those media and I must say I enjoy it tremendously. It is a great way to get your point of view across and of course keep your name in the spotlight.




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