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By Stephen Constantine, Aug 9 2016 01:18PM

For me it will be very interesting to see some of the world’s top managers in the Premier

League this season and more importantly how the teams will set up under the different

managers and their philosophies. As we enter the final week before 10 months of the ups

and downs of the Premier League lets what manager is where.

Arsenal - Arsene Wenger, Bournemouth - Eddie Howe, Burnley - Sean Dyche, Chelsea -

Antonio Conte, Crystal Palace - Alan Pardew, Everton - Ronald Koeman, Hull City- Vacant

Leicester - Claudio Ranieri, Liverpool - Jurgen Klopp, Man City - Pep Guardiola, Man United

Jose Mourinho, Middlesbrough- Aitor Karanka, Southampton – Claude Puel, Stoke - Mark

Hughes, Sunderland- David Moyes, Swansea - Francesco Guidolin, Tottenham - Mauricio

Pochettino , Watford - Quique Flores, West Brom - Tony Pulis, West Ham - Slaven Bilic.

How many of them will still be there at the end of the season? Only time will tell but the

alarming rate at which managers are sacked these days is well alarming.

So who is going to be this year? Leicester to retain the title!! I am not sure if lightning

strikes twice but who can discount it, Leicester’s famous title win has once again shown why

the Premier League is the most entertaining league in the world . The absolute nonsense

you hear from some people wanting teams to play out of the back, or you they want to see

30 passes before a goal! Its about winning games the end result and really does surprise

me sometimes when you hear TV pundits try and re invent the wheel. Leicester scored more

goals from 5 passes or less than any other team, had the least amount of possession in

their games than any of the top 6 teams and won the League by 10 points and before I

forget spent less money on their squad than any of the top 10 teams!!! so while everyone is

screaming for their respective managers to spend big what they should be thinking about is

did we buy the right player to help us in the right position. Will he fit in the system that the

current manager employs? It will be very interesting to see how certain teams set up, will

Conte use the same system he used in the recent Euros with Italy? Are we going to see

more teams use the 352? Will Leicester’s 442 winning formation be the go to system? All

these questions and we will of course have 10 months to come up with some answers.

For me tactically it really is all about the players and what you are asking them to do in the

respective system, someone once said systems don’t win games players do, but to add to

that I would say what the manager is asking the player to do in that system is more

important than the system itself. For example in a 352 you really need to get the two wing

backs to drop in and act as full backs when you don’t have the ball or do you? For me yes

but perhaps another manager wants’ them to stay high up and try and force the opponents

to stay deep, so you can understand that it is not the system alone that is going to win you

the game. Another issue that some tend to forget is while the new signing coming in from

all over the world and wants more than anyone to do well, aside from the manager that is

who I am sure will want it just as much as the player if not more ! Many of these players

need time to adjust, time to get to understand the furious pace at which the game is played

in England. I remember thinking when I was at Millwall in the Championship there was

absolutely no time to dwell on the ball, having played against several Premier League clubs

the difference there is the first touch , the awareness players have at that level and the

pace at which they play and think. If you have come from a league where the game is not

as fast it takes a few months of getting used to it. Unlike most other leagues around the

world there are no easy games in England. I can tell you from firsthand experience playing

up at a place like Stoke or Hull on a wet windy and bloody freezing cold night midweek is

something you have to experience never mind the game. If all of that is not enough or the

price tag connected to the new player does not affect him then spare a thought for his

family, the wife who perhaps speaks little or no English and the usual family issues we all

face. Sure at that level a lot of things are done for the players and their families but it is still

very difficult at times and all the while you need to be playing and doing well. Don’t get me

wrong I am not saying that they have anything other than a brilliant life am just saying that

the new lads coming in will need a few months to get into the swing of things.

A week away from the first Premier League game Hull City don’t have a manager, and there

are only 3 Englishmen in the top flight. This after Big Sam took on the England job and just

as big Steve Bruce decided to step away from the Hull job. The 3 Englishmen are Eddie

Howe AFC Bournemouth , Alan Pardew Crystal Palace, and Sean Dyche Burnley, none of

them with the so called top teams, and with the greatest respect to all three of them they

will have done very well to keep their respective teams in the Premier League come the end

of May.

As I close I would like to wish Sam Allardyce all the very best in his new job as the England

Manager I am really optimistic he can get the best out of what I see as a very talented

group of players.

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